Apr 17

This is a break down on billable hours to your employer and their clients from a subcontractor's perspective.  YOU are the subcontractor if you are reading this. Please READ completely.

Step 1)

Create easily accessible shortcuts on your desktop for the following websites:

Use Personal Email - Subcontractor Web browser (Chrome)

  • Zoho Invoicehttps://www.zoho.com/invoice/login/  (subcontractor invoice's employer)
    • Make sure you use your own personal email here for setup.
    • A 10 hour timesheet is created here followed by a prepaid retainer invoice
    • Add your employer's client time logged through your time sheet that’s affiliated with your 10 hour block retainer invoice (contact us for a request on setup training)

Use Employer Email - 1099 - Independent Contractor Web browser (Firefox)

  • Zoho Help Desk - https://desk.zoho.com/
    • Track open and assigned tickets here. Add the phone app once Zoho fix the notifications issue.  Your employer should send an invite through the employers company domain name email for agent setup.
  • Zoho Books as a subcontractor setup -  https://www.zoho.com/books/login/ (Time sheet for client)
    • Use your employers provided professional email account to set this up.
    • Your employer should send an invite through the employers company domain name email for user setup.
    • Bill the Company you are subcontracted to clients through the client's time sheet.  Your employer should provide access to each time sheet via email.

*** DO NOT CREATE A ZOHO BOOKS ACCOUNT if you don't need bookkeeping software and you just need to invoice.  Most subcontractors do not need this.

  • Zoho Books Portal Link
    • Use this link for portal access to client.  Your client is whoever you are subcontracting for.  You need this link to access their client's time sheets. - https://books.zoho.com/portal/Portal_Name_To_Be_Shared_To_subcontractors

Create easily accessible shortcuts to work with your client's help desk, their client's timesheet, and your own invoicing system.

Zoho Shortcuts

Step 2)

Go to Zoho Help Desk and review open and overdue tickets

3)  Add your time (1.5 hours as an example) accumalated throughout the lifecycle of the ticket that you are assigned.  Add the ticket # to your time sheet plus brief description .

4)  Private vs Public Comments on Tickets

  • Private Comments – Internal discussions not disclosed with client.
  • Public Comments – Updates to client

Please keep the public comments flowing.   Avoid idle tickets.

4)   Return back to Zoho Invoice follow by Zoho Books to log time on your time sheets.

5)  Reissue a new 10 hour retainer once prior hours are almost exhausted.

Creating a Billable Workflow

Once you have configured Zoho Invoice, created a project and submitted a retainer invoice, it’s time to get to work… but what will you be working on?


We use Zoho Desk to handle IT support requests, referred to as tickets. NA’s clients may request assistance or report bugs; starting January 2019 NA’s level 1 and 2 support  team will receive   Tickets at our support email address.  The local San Diego support team will be dispatched to resolve any escalated issues or new projects. Please take the initiative to assign yourself tickets if you are available and you’re experienced enough to handle them.  Research the existing knowledge base and SOPS in IT Glue to see if you have the required information to handle certain tickets. 


We use Zoho Books for invoicing clients in the same manner that subcontractors use Zoho Invoice to bill NA for their time working. In order to accept projects, communicate internally and create accurate timesheets & invoices for NA’s clients, you’ll need to set up Zoho Desk and Zoho Books on a separate browser from your Zoho Invoice and your personal webmail.  

Setting up Zoho Books and Zoho Desk

Michael or Bethany will send invitations to your professional email address. Follow the links in each email to create a Zoho Books subaccount (we are the primary account holder) and a Zoho Desk account.


In our experience, we have found support individuals struggling to manage email from webmail.  It is critical you download a mail client of your choosing for the desktop and we strongly recommend Outlook Mobile for the phone.

Zoho Desk Mobile app is an essential app for keeping on top of correspondence coming through the ticketing system.

LogMeIn client needs to be installed locally for supporting all the clients remotely

All the applications are required for working with us.


There should be plenty of invitations for all these services in your NetworkAntics mailbox including Grasshopper phone system.  The NetworkAntics support team is not allowed to send or receive clients calls outside of our phone system. Phone calls outside of the system are grounds for termination of contract.

Agreement and payment

Don’t sign the agreement until you read it completely, fully understand all the services  utilizes, and the workflow for supporting clients.  Please email operations stating three dates / times for additional training.

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