Nov 17

Follow these steps if you are using Zoho Invoice or Zoho Books to invoice a client.   Note:  Most subcontractors use Zoho Invoice.  Zoho Books is used by bigger and more complex operations.  Go to the How to Guide for Creating Retainer Invoices first if you are on a pre-paid workflow.

Final step, Create Invoice

But I already created an invoice?  No, you created a retainer invoice.  That’s a liability on your balance sheet until you have exhausted those ten hours on your time sheet.  Remove the liability by completing the obligated time and then create a invoice with zero balance due.  This invoice doubles as itemized receipt to your client.  They will know exactly what work was completed if you follow the steps below.  The only way to create a "zero balance due" is to have the billable time match your budgeted time.

When do I create an  invoice if I already created a retainer invoice?

Your budget on your time sheet (project) must be exhausted for you to create invoice.  Have you completed your budgeted time on your time sheet (project)?  Make sure you add all billable time entries on your invoicing system and your clients.

Where in Zoho Invoice do I create an invoice?

Go to "Time Sheet" on the left column and select the active project related to the retainer invoice you created.

How do I know what retainer is related to what project?

Go to "sales" and select "retainer invoice" to see what latest retainer invoice you have sent to client but have not fulfilled the time for.   The "project name" should be listed on the retainer invoice.


How to sort data on invoice
-Show all time sheet entries individually
Show in item name
-Project Name

Show in item description
-Date Range
-Project description
-Task Name
- Task Description
-Time Sheet Data
-Timesheet notes
- Staff Name

3)  Zero Balance Due

Go to the top right corner of your existing Time Sheet for the ten hours completed, select “New transaction”, and create invoice.  Done

Creating Invoices Summary

Creating retainer invoices will you get you on the prepaid path to success.  It's really easy to do once this becomes muscle memory or bookmark this page to reference later.

Again, you should create a time sheet followed by creating a retainer invoice when billing your client or whoever you are subcontracting for.  That was all summarized in this lengthy discussion above.  Now you start the cycle again.  You only send (a zero balance due) invoice once you completed the hours on your time sheet.  Basically, you can invoice your client a zero balance due for your first retainer because you completed the hours that  they already paid you for.

Now that the zero balance due invoice was sent.  Start the cycle over by creating a time sheet.  Then a retainer invoice...

  • Timesheet
  • Retainer invoice
  • Invoice the first time sheet
  • New time timesheet
  • New Retainer Invoice
  • New invoice for the second time sheet
  • Rinse and Repeat

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