Apr 17


Everyone needs a set of go to applications for being productive.  I generated a list of mine for you all to enjoy. Yeee!

Office 2010

Still no reason for me to upgrade.  Follow this Outlook guide if you do intend to wipe your OS and start over.  The licensing for later suites is not as good and the same applies to their software.  However, authenticating to Office 365 is really easy.


Forget IE, although it does come in handy from time to time for compatibility issues.  These two browsers are preferred.  Chrome contains Adobe Flash and Firefox isn’t Google or Microsoft.


  • FoxIt Reader – Less annoying updates than Adobe Reader

Cloud File Storage Drive

  • Cloud Station Drive – Access File Server documents and collaborate my coworkers
  • Google Drive


Handyman IT Tools

Remote Accessibility

Secure Your Passwords

Windows Store Apps

  • Wunderlist – To Do List
  • MiraCal – Pretty looking calendar but doesn’t allow invites
  • One Calendar – Functional but not pretty

Video Recording, Editing, and Players

  • CamStudio - Screen recording for video presentations
  • Camtasia - Blurring sensitive data on screen recordings
  • VLC - Video player that contains popular codecs

MultiFuction Fax and Printer (MFP)

  • Canon Navigator EX 5.1 - Love the scan features of the software despite its age


  • Trillian – I’m currently looking for a better messenger aggregator



You can never have enough backups


  • Hitman Pro for realtime malware protection
  • Malware Malbytes for a good scan again malware
  • Defender or MS Essentials if you are trying to meet compliance. Eset or Avast for something a little more sophisticated for protectoin


SaaS Programs

  • Zoho Books – Try it here if you don’t have it.
  • Zoho Invoice – Don’t need bookkeeping? Try it here if you don’t have it.
  • Capsule CRM
  • Zoho Desk
  • Evernote – scratch notes and more
  • Zoho TimeSheets (Part of Zoho Books and Invoice)
  • Synology Diskstation
  • PandaDoc – For agreements to issue to new and existing clientele
  • Zoho Sales IQ - Web Chat

Blogging and Instructional Time

Latest Synology Cloud Station Apps located here.





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